February 28, 2012


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One of the world’s most successful businessmen once said: “Inventories can be managed, but people must be led.” It is a biblical truth that all groups, to progress, must have leaders. Israel faltered because it had no leader, and Jesus viewed the multitudes as “sheep without a shepherd” (Judges 17:6; 21:25; Matthew 9:36).

It is also a biblical truth that effective leadership must come from people of the highest integrity, seen and respected by those who are led. As another writer puts it: “Leadership is not just about telling other people what to do. It is about inspiring them to do it.” The highest leaders of this church must exhibit the following qualities (abbreviated from 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1):

  • Respected by the congregation for selfless and continued service.
  • Faithful as a spouse and parent and known to be respected by his family.
  • Kind and hospitable toward others.
  • Experienced and successful in exhibiting Christ in life.
  • Knowledgeable in the Word of God and willing and able to teach it to others.
  • Respected outside the church by community for integrity in life.

All the leaders of this church are chosen by the members of this church on the basis of the qualifications listed above.

The highest level of leadership in the Church is occupied by “Elders,” also known in Scripture as “Bishops” and “Shepherds.” These men are responsible for guiding the spiritual lives of all members of this congregation. This is their first and foremost responsibility. Secondarily, they are charged with formulating and administering church policies. In this church, all Elders serve on a voluntary basis.

Elders are assisted in the administration of the ministries and policies of this church by special servants known in the Bible as “Deacons.” Except for the requirement that they be willing and able to teach, all the qualifications listed above are also required of Deacons. All Deacons also serve on a voluntary basis.



Steve Dasher is originally from Valdosta, Georgia. A retired Army Officer, he currently works as a program management office director for a Fortune 200 company. He has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial/Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Masters in Business Administration from Boston University. He and his wife Sally, also from Valdosta, have three children and four grandchildren. Steve, who has been an Elder since 2000, is responsible for the Building and Information Services.

Wayne Doran served as a Deacon from 1999 until his appointment as an Elder in 2010.  He is originally from Dresden, TN.  He and his wife Jean met while freshmen at Freed-Hardeman University.  They have  a son, a daughter, and five grandsons.  Wayne, who is responsible for the Benevolence Ministry, works in information technology resource management.  He retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2000.

Bill Kincaid was born in New York but moved to Falls Church at an early age and has lived in the Arlington –Falls Church area all of his life. He met his wife Mary Ann at David Lipscomb University and they have two sons. Bill retired from federal government in program analysis and acquisition oversight. He currently works for a research and development center. He has been an Elder since 1998 and oversees financial matters and youth programs.

Jim Lane was born in Childress, Texas and met his wife Janet at Texas Tech. They have two daughters and five grandchildren. Jim is retired from the United States Air Force and has been an Elder since 1989. His primary areas of responsibility are Education and our Spanish Ministry.

Oliver McDaniel
, an Assistant United States Attorney on detail to the Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility, is originally from Washington, D.C. Oliver and his wife Janice were baptized at the Arlington Church of Christ, where he served as a deacon for 12 years. Members here since 2001, they have two adult children, Catherine and Andrew. Oliver has been a deacon here since 2002, with responsibility for Outreach and, most recently, Member Support. Janice, originally from Birmingham, Alabama, works as an attorney for the Office of the Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Oliver has taught adult Bible School classes off-and-on for the past 25 years. They both have taught children’s classes, Janice moreso than Oliver.

Joseph Tucker is originally from Tennessee. He is married to Calanthia whom he met in college and they have worshiped with the Falls Church congregation since 1968. They have two adult daughters and one granddaughter. Joseph has served in the worship ministry for many years, has taught classes, and has supervised in the education department. Joseph has a printing business and Calanthia is a retired educator who now does consulting in education.


Roberto Alvarez is originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala. A deacon since 1984, Roberto works with the Church supporting the Spanish Ministry in the Metropolitan area, focusing on the growth of the Iglesia de Cristo in Falls Church. He and his wife Blanca have been married for 32 years and met at a dinner hosted by her aunt. Roberto is an HVAC facility supervisor. He has a daughter and a stepson.

Jose Arevalo comes to us by way of El Salvador. He is the CFO/Controller for a national non-profit in Washington, DC and has been a deacon since 2005. Jose met his wife Jackie at the Annandale Christian Community for Action in Annandale, VA and they have been married since 1996. They have three children. José is the Deacon for the Foreign Missions Ministry.

Ben Bohannon was born in Rockwood , TN , but has lived here since the age of 9. He has a B.S. from David Lipscomb University and an M.S. from George Mason University. A CPA, he works for the U.S. Treasury Department, the Bureau of Financial Management. He and his wife, Billie, met at the Arlington Church of Christ, and they have two sons. He enjoys teaching and has accepted responsibility for the Children’s Education Ministry and also works with the Budget.

Ignacio Espinoza is part of the Iglesia de Cristo, the Spanish-speaking part of the Falls Church congregation. He was born in San Vicente, El Salvador, and completed high school there before moving to this country in 1992. He works as a plate maker in the printing industry, for Technograpics, Inc. He is married to the former Sandra Rodriguez, whose family are long-time members here. Sandra also was born in El Salvador, and they in fact met in middle school in that country. They have been married 11 years and have three children, Priscilla, 7; Ariana, 4; and Isaias, 6 months.

reagan-johnJohn Reagan was raised in Knippa, TX on a 4,700 acre farm. He holds an associate degree in Aviation Science and is a Quality Control Manager for the Federal Aviation Administration. He was appointed as a deacon in 2013. He met his wife, Linda, at her home congregation and they were married in 1982. They have 2 children, and 4 grandchildren.

Saul Reyes also is a member of the Iglesia de Cristo. He was born and brought up in the town of Carolina, in the department (state) of San Miguel, El Salvador. He works for CORT Furniture Rental, where he refinishes furniture. His wife Guadalupe also is from El Salvador, but she grew up in San Vicente. They met at church and have been married ten years. He has three daughters, Dinora, Mariela and Margarita, and two sons, Jose and Luis.

reyes-wilfredoWilfredo Reyes is part of the Iglesia de Cristo and was installed as a deacon in 2013. He was born in Carolina, San Miguel, El Salvador. After coming to this country, he met and married his wife, Saira whom he met here at church. Wilfredo & Saira have three daughters and have been married since . Wilfredo also has a son who lives in El Salvador. He works as a driver for SuiteAmerica.

hal-swetnamHal Swetnam became a deacon in June 2013. His family has been worshiping with the Falls Church congregation since 2006, and Hal has been actively involved in youth education and ministry from the start. He and his wife, Lisa, have one son, who loves traveling as much as his parents. Married for 24 years, Hal and Lisa spent most of their childhoods overseas — Lisa in Italy, and Hal in England and Singapore. Hal is Senior Vice President of a branding firm in Alexandria, Virginia.

shumate-jonahJonah Shumate is originally from Northwest Arkansas. He has a B.A. in General Studies from Harding University and is employed by the US House of Representatives. He met his wife, Kelly, at college and they were married in 2002. They have 2 children. He was appointed as a deacon in 2013.

Kevin Thie has been a deacon since 2002. He grew up in this area, and he and his wife, Janet, met at Northeastern Christian College. They have been married 24 years, and have a son and a daughter. Kevin’s area of responsibility is Grounds, and he is an active board member for Camp WaMaVa. Kevin works for the Life Insurance Association for the Army and Air Force.

Born in Ann Arbor, MI, John Waterson grew up in Dallas, TX, from 4th grade through graduation. A graduate of the U. S. Navy Academy, he holds a B. S. in Electrical Engineering. He also holds an M. S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. A former submarine officer, John now works with the Boston Consulting Group, Bethesda, MD. He and his wife Casey met in high school, started dating during their senior year, and have been married 10 years. They have three sons, Hank, Will, and Sam.

Ken Yeatman is another unique person, in that he is a native of this area. Born in Washington, DC, he grew up in Temple Hills, MD. He has a B. S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland and an M. S. in Information Systems from George Mason University. He is a Principal Systems Engineer for the MITRE Corporation in McLean in the architecture and management of large scale data processing systems. His wife Lesya is from Chester, WV, and they met through a co-worker whose girlfriend was one of Lesya’s college roommates. Married 10 years, they have three sons, Connor,  Rylan, and Cody.

Habtu Zemech has traveled the farthest to be with us. He is from Ethiopia and met his wife Meaza at a relief and development center in Ethiopia. They have been married 13 years and have one daughter and one son. Habtu’s ministry area is Missions. He works as an assistant project manager for a government contractor at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Mike TuneMike Tune has been our preacher since 1999. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, he did his graduate work in Bible at Harding School of Theology. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and author of “How to Read the Bible Without Getting Lost.” He and his wife Monica have three children and six grand-children. Mike is also president of Amazing Grace International, which offers Bible courses through the newspaper USA TODAY and supports the education of poor children in foreign countries – specifically Vietnam.

Josh Byrd grew up in Sandy Springs, Georgia and has been the Youth Minister at Falls Church since December of 1996. He met his wife Lisa at Abilene Christian University and married in 1994. They have four children, two daughters and two sons.