March 28, 2012

Education Ministry

A fundamental part of the Church’s mission is education. Jesus’ “Great Commission” was to “Go make disciples,” and “teaching” is a fundamental component of that command. Everybody needs Bible study. You cannot be led by the Spirit without it – for how will you know where the Spirit wants you to go? You cannot mature in Christ without it – for how will you know how to grow? You cannot overcome Satan without it – for how will you know how to stand?


We have classes for all ages, including the following:

  • Attended nursery for children under 2 at all assemblies.
  • Age appropriate Bible classes Sunday (9:30 am) and Wednesday night (7:30 PM).
  • Children’s Worship classes (ages 2- 4) during our worship hour on Sunday morning (children are dismissed from the assembly to class at about 10 am).
  • Bible Clubs for all our young people through the 12th grade on Sunday evening during worship assembly.



Please visit our Youth Ministry page for more information!