February 28, 2012

Snow Or Inclement Weather Closing Policy

During the winter months, not only heavy snow, but also icy conditions or a power failure can cause a cancellation. This is particularly true after dark. If the weather is at all doubtful, please call before coming.

We will attempt to alert you of any closings. However, sometimes that is impossible, so here are the tips you may use to prevent coming here to a closed building.


Tips to avoid arriving at a closed building

On Sunday: If weather conditions seem questionable, call the church at 703-820-4506. When you hear the recording, press #5 – News to learn of cancellations. You also may check the home page of our website: www.fallschurchcoc.org

During the week: Program closings are linked to the Fairfax County Public Schools, as follows:

  • On Tuesday: If schools are closed or have a two-hour delayed opening on Tuesday, Ladies Bible Class will not meet.
  • On Wednesday: There will be no mid-week service if schools are closed due to inclement weather, whether school has been cancelled all day or closes early, or if all evening activities are cancelled.


Ways in which we will try to contact you

  1. If you will give us your name, your cell phone number, and the name of your cell carrier, you will receive an automated phone call with news about meeting cancellation. You can write these on your attendance cards or send us an email or text Mike.
  2. We will send out an email to all members.
  3. We will post the notice on the home page of our website – www.fallschurchcoc.org or via Twitter –http://twitter.com/cocfc
  4. We will post a notice on the church’s phone system. If you dial the church’s number (703-820-4506) and it rings but there is no answer or message, it means there is no electrical power to the building.
  5. If all these fail, call your Agape group leader, one of the Elders, or Mike Tune.